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IT, software engineering, Internet
Education, training
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We are a boutique consulting firm centered on Startups and Growing Businesses. Having been and still in that position, we are here to make the journey smoother for others from Idea to Exit. As such, unlike many "consultants", we do not conjure up an image of self-proclaimed expert who can make great presentations, generate recommendations and leave you to do all the hard work of implementation. This may work for big organizations who have specialized staffs, but it doesn’t work for startups and growing businesses who are already understaffed and overloaded - and we know it.

We cut out the jargon and enable you to birth the next big thing efficiently. We add value. For projects to be completed, rather than charge an hourly rate we put the focus on quantifiable business outputs. That way, we justify our cost based on more direct return on investment calculations at all operational levels.