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Consumer goods
Education, training
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PKAFRICA.COM, “Africa’s No. 1 Online Wholesale Marketplace”, is an online platform designed to promote and empower African Brands, Businesses and Entrepreneurs by providing them with the needed opportunities to sell their products to consumers all across the African Continent and the world at large. At the same time, it will also make it possible for people on the Continent to be able to access and purchase goods and services more easily and securely at wholesale prices and quantities from any part of Africa and the world.

The company also runs a second website called PKEDUCATIONAL.COM whose mission is to provide to the people of Africa a wide selection of educational resources on different topics and subjects at low prices to satisfy anyone seeking knowledge in any field of study. Study resources are made available on our site in diverse formats: Text Books, Audio Books, Video Courses, and eBooks. Also available are gadgets, equipment and supplies that will serve to promote educational activities in every learning environment. Join our mission and let's together extirpate ignorance, which is the no. 1 killer disease in Africa and the worst impediment to sociopolitical and economic development.