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CCS-CAT Software Partners for Schools

Published on 06.04.2021


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Education, training
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We are an ICT company based in Lagos and we are into school computerization projects.  We have designed a new and irresistible Computer Aided... read more

Job Ad & Profile Description

Position : CCS-CAT Software Partners for Schools

You are going to market a school software called CCS-CAT (Central Content Source Computer Aided Teaching).  The software is used to teach anything from pre-school to secondary school level, for all subjects.  It has all the contents for the subject pre-loaded into the computer.  All the teacher needs do is Click-to-Teach.. 


  1. The system is predominantly desinged to be offline. With CCS-CAT, you do not data to use it. CCS-CAT is also a tool for online teaching/distant learning. It is one of the systems with in-built content. During emergency situations like COVID-19, it can also be used to teach online. All that is required is a means of sharing the teacher’s desktop while the pupils listen and watch at home. They can hear the teacher and also see what he/she is doing at the same time. 
  2. Loaded with teaching aids (realias, audio-visual and visual aids): Each lesson for all the topics are accompanied by appropriate teaching aids for detailed explanation. Hence, the teacher spends less energy and becomes more effective. There are also enough Nursery Rhymes and Stories for the pupils, especially in pre-school classes.
  3. Jolly phonics: For pre-school, CCS-CAT teaches letter sound for the beginners and later introduces letter names, to achieve the shortest reading learning curve by the pupils.
  4. Scheme Appropriate: CCS-CAT is designed according to the scheme of work for the state and in some cases customized for schools.
  5. Standard lesson plan/note: The lesson plan and delivery process in CCS-CAT is based on the theory of Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy of educational objectives, i.e., the lessons taught build the cognitive (thinking), the affective (behaviour) and psychomotor (skills) domains of the learners. Each lesson follows the standard practice of lesson plan namely: Set Induction, Previous Knowledge, Behavioral Objectives, Content, Instructional Materials/Teaching Aids, Presentation, Evaluation, Assignment and Conclusion.
  6. : In using CCS-CAT, 21st century skills (Critical Thinking Skills, Application Skills, Creativity Skills, Evaluation Skills, Flexibility Skills, Social Skills, Collaboration Skills, Technology Skills, etc.) are imparted in learners, with the goal of preparing the child for a 21st century self-reliant graduate and building excellent behaviour and relevant sskills.
  7. Lesson Plan Guide: CCS-CAT contains a lesson guide for teachers which will help them write standard lesson plans and lesson notes.  
  8. CCS-CAT is so flexible that teachers can add their own content (lessons, tests, exam questions, etc.) to the system.


  1. School growth: Without any iota of doubt, this project will grow your school.  Pupils will learn better and the news will get to all their parents – “They teach us with Television, with videos and we now understand better!” 
  2. Competitive advantage: Schools adopting CCS-CAT would no doubt, have tremendous competitive edge over their competitors in the school business. This is because CCS-CAT continuously adapts international best practices and home grown solutions to educational issues with the help of professional educators, researchers and innovators.
  3. Reduction of stress/workload: Another major problem faced by teachers is the act of copying notes from class to class.  They don’t need to copy notes on the board any more – the notes are in their lesson plans, loaded into the server and accessible from any class. The teacher only scrolls them for the pupils to copy.  This gives the teacher more time to monitor and assess the learners.
  4. Lack or inadequate teaching aids resolved: Teachers’ continual complaints about the dearth of teaching aids has been completely resolved in CCS-CAT. It has enough multimedia with relevant and highly impactful teaching aids that help the teachers deliver lessons effectively, leading to the enhancement of the comprehension ability of learners.
  5. Improved teacher efficiency: The teacher becomes more efficient, as he/she impacts knowledge more with less energy.
  6. Slow learners: CCS-CAT is also designed to help slow learners learn faster, easier and retain information better. The comprehension ability of the learners will improve and they will be eager to learn because the animated lessons make learning interesting.
  7. Student retainer: Any pupil that uses CCS-CAT will find it difficult to adapt to a manually run teaching system. Your pupils will hardly leave the school for other schools.
  8. : It eliminates boredom on the side of the pupils.  Unlike the conventional method of teaching, where the learners see the same face throughout the term and also, throughout the session, different teachers, including animations teach the pupils everyday in CCS-CAT.


CCS-CAT can save your school millions in expenses and dramatically boost sales to great profits. Hence, we advise our clients to consider the long term benefits and values of CCS-CAT that far outweigh their financial commitments.

  1. Saves data cost: CCS-CAT saves you cost of buying internet data. Just imagine saving a 40k monthly internet data for a year (N480k), which can be used for other expenses.
  2. Saves costs of losing teachers: CCS-CAT saves you cost and stress of losing teachers as a result of teaching stress and high workload.
  3. Saves Time: CCS-CAT saves the teacher the time and stress for administrering class work
  4. Student retention: CCS-CAT saves you the cost of losing learners due to poor performance, lack of problem solving skills.
  5. Publicity and Revenue Growth: CCS-CAT can increase income and profits with the same staff through online education to audiences outside the Nigerian shore. Someone in Ghana or anywhere around the world might have interest in your school. All you need to do is to start an advert and use CCS-CAT facility to deliver through the same staff.
  6. More referrals, more students: As a result of the critical, creative and innovation thinking and problem solving activities programmed in CCS-CAT, parents would be happy to refer more learners to your school.
  7. Easy of use: With CCS-CAT, any teacher can teach any class and deliver effectively in less time.
  8. School branding: With the adoption of CCS-CAT technology in your classroom, your school becomes rebranded and attracts high paying parents.
Required profile for job ad : CCS-CAT Software Partners for Schools

Prospective partners must be computer literate and schould be graduates, with minimum of HND. 

Job criteria for job ad : CCS-CAT Software Partners for Schools
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IT, new technologies
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Education, training
IT, software engineering, Internet
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Temporary work - Cooperative Education Program - Part-time work
Region :
Abeokuta - Ogun - Abia - Abuja - Akwa Ibom - Anambra - Bayelsa - Benin City - Edo - Cross River - Ebonyi - Ekiti - Enugu - Ibadan - Oyo - Imo - International - Kogi - Kwara - Lagos - Ondo - Osun - Plateau - Port Harcourt - Rivers - Warri - Delta
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No experience
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Number of Position(s) : 100

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